I’m so sorry for leaving everyone but honestly I want to focus on other things in life. I’m going off to college soon and won’t have time for sims anyway; I need to focus on my studies and other creative things that I think are more productive such as art and writing. Sims was taking over my life. I got no sleep, my work was falling behind, i ignored my friends and family - the only way i’d be able to get it back is get rid of my simblr. : ( I know it is very sad, and I’m sorry! On top of this there seems to be people from real life who have gotten ahold of this tumblr and message me the most disturbing, hateful things, and it hurts me inside, a lot - so much to the point where I ended up in the hospital for nearly bleeding to death from a purposeful injury.. it’s just too much, and on top of real life hate, this virtual hate is too much. This community has bright and wonderful people like you, but also is filled with a lot of drama that takes up my time.  there was just so much going on in my life, so much pain, confusion, lonliness, i can’t deal with even more harassment outside of real life. :/ i’m probably weak for doing this, but I like to think i’m also strong for saying bye to my addiction and focusing on more importaant things.

i’ll be at my personal tumblr if you want me, here

Bye bye hate

bye bye lovely simmers & simmies

im sorry


Xane Davila

You're amazing, ok. That anon is just a shitty excuse for a human, and I hope they grow the fuck up and realise that one day they might end up murduring someone with that behaviour. Please don't listen or believe what they are saying, you're an amazing person and don't ever let anyone tell you different. I'm actually so disgusted at that coward. → Anonymous

thank you.

I can't believe that you haven't hung yourself already. In fact, I'm shocked. For such a waste of space I thought you would be at least smart enough to realize nobody likes you.I know the people who act friendly on here, well the truth is that they just do that for attention. The truth is nobody even gives a fuck about you, if you shot yourself in the head nobody would even care. → Anonymous




♛ Skyrim prettiness (5/?)



My sim Breanne wearing one of the outfits from the Movie Stuff Pack


what is life


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Adam by mimoto



Heya, hope everyone had a nice christmas! Here are some eye makeup bits for you.
Waterlines and Liners - PREVIEW Bottom waterline, most I’ve seen are too harsh so I made these nice and soft and in 3 shades. The dark one is particularly effective for dark skins to prevent “square eyes”. I used an Ephemera texture for this. Also subtle upperlash and catline/lash. All under BLUSH.
SuperLashes - PREVIEW Just a few lashes/eyeliners in brown and black. Under EYELINER.
Super Real Shadows - PREVIEW A huge set of realistic eyeshadows. I probably shouldn’t upload them as they only work on light skintones (feel free to recolor any) but they are pretty and can change the look of a sim easily.